Expat Concierge Service

Living in, or even visiting, Japan can present some large challenges. Finding a residence, opening a bank account, dealing with government services, getting medical care, setting up a company and so on are often difficult for foreigners.


We can do these sorts of tanks for you, help you do them yourself, or even just provide lessons and information on how to do these things. (For example, we can teach you the procedures for opening up a bank account, and the specific Japanese vocabulary you will need to do this.)


Call  us on 03-6885-5602, or e-mail shimahata@ladiesandgentlemen.jp. Fees vary, but we offer a free one hour consultation for newcomers at our Nihonbashi office.


Our office is at 17-2 Dairoku Hayama building 413, Kabutocho Nihonbashi, Chyuoku, Tokyo